Invitation to silence and solitude

If you have become so busy, so stressed, so nagged by all kinds of demands on you and tormented by the noise of the world, prepare to unplug and disengage from all of that. God invites us to spend time with Him, to experience His gift of peace, clarity, assurance and guidance to face our world in His strength. He will also challenge us just as He challenged His disciples. If you are ready to grow stronger in your relationship with the Lord, then this course may be the next step in your apprenticeship to Jesus.

This course will meet on the Crossroads Church campus on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm.

There will be ample time for each participant to interact and engage with others. The purpose of the Apprenticeship Courses is to move into practical development of new habits.

Registration cost of $15 is needed at the time of registration in order to secure enough materials for the course.

In addition to the readings and exercises, it is expected that each participant have a spiritual companion for the duration of the course. The role of the spiritual companion is to help talk through what the participant is learning and how it is having an impact on their walk with Jesus. Participants should expect to meet with their spiritual companions at least 3 times in the duration of the course (those meetings are outside of the regular Sunday mornings).


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Apprenticeship Course: Invitation to Silence and Solitude

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  • Apr 5
    6:30 pm
    May 24
    8:00 pm